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"Our ambition was…quantum. We truly believed we were prepared to explore the deep universe. The hubris."
Welcome to Castaway Station, an exciting survival game that takes you on an unintended journey on a hostile planet after a catastrophic accident on your space cruiser. Stranded on an unknown planet with limited resources, you must use all your wits and skills, along with any tools you scavenge, to survive. You won't ever get home.

Together, you and the other survivors will explore the planet, face undiscovered local lifeforms, and complete missions to find valuable equipment and resources. Draft cards into your deck to improve your odds but be careful to watch their durability and manage your limited resources. Create custom cards and upgrade your equipment to fine-tune your strategy.
You play two characters in the game, so it is a team journey. Your success depends on your survival skills and your team's ability to work together. Each character's unique abilities will help you overcome obstacles and complete missions. Be careful though. If a character dies, they are permanently out for the remainder of that run.

Castaway Station is an immersive journey into a completely unknown world full of dangers and treasures, with a massive collection of custom art, a rich narrative, and an original music score.
Are you ready for the ultimate survival challenge?
Join Castaway Station and embark on an unforgettable adventure to survive on a hostile planet.
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